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Minutes of the General Assembly
Held on the 7th September 2013 in Rabat
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Princess Lalla Salma Today, the creation of the Alliance of Cancer Prevention and Control NGOs in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, which is gathering 15 countries from Morocco to Iran, and with the joint efforts of all stakeholders, a new stage will be surpassed in cancer prevention and control.

Our commitment and devotion to this universal cause, encourages Us to call you, nowadays more than ever, to make of this new exchange and collaboration space an essential organization for the implementation of innovative and concerted public health policies.

Unfortunately, cancer does not recognise borders. Therefore, we have the human and institutional duty to connect our efforts to take up the challenge. The synergy of our human, material and intellectual resources will ensure us outstanding results.


puce Goals

  • To support WHO EM Regional Office and national health authorities implementing cancer control programs;
  • To facilitate the coordination of EM regional joint actions;
  • To create a EM regional cancer observatory;
  • To support training and scientific research in cancer related fields;
  • To develop EM regional and international initiatives to fight cancer.