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Minutes of the General Assembly
Held on the 7th September 2013 in Rabat
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marrakech The Eastern Mediterranean Regional Alliance against Cancer -commonly named EMRA against cancer- has been created on November 22th 2007 with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO). Gathering organizations from more than 15 countries, EMRA against cancer translates the regional will to unite foundations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, professional bodies and individuals fighting cancer in the Eastern Mediterranean (EM) Region. The purpose of EMRA against cancer is to work as a mobilizing tool, making regional expertises interact so to move into effective common actions.

According to the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (WHO/EMRO) (2007), the EM Region will have the largest increase in cancer incidence among the WHO regions in the next 15 years; an increase of 100% to 180%. In addition, the mortality ratio is 70%, indicating the lower survival rate from diagnosed cancer.

Cancer is a real challenge in the region. In this regard, WHO/EMRO has issued in 2007 a Regional Strategy for Cancer Control that aims at providing a foundation for the development of a coordinated approach and to support member states in setting their national cancer control programs. The Regional Strategy also highlights the need to emphasize improved communication and regional collaboration such that the benefits of concerted action can be realized. EMRA aspires to intervene with regards to the WHO/EM Regional strategy for Cancer control.

EMRA defines its priority action as to help WHO/EMRO implementing its regional strategy to fight this blast; meaning contributing to the implementation in each country of the Region of the WHO basic components for cancer control: prevention, early detection, treatment, palliative care, registry and cancer research. This could be done only if each country draws up its national cancer control program. Strengthened by the unwavering support provided by WHO and through the partnership with the governments of the Region, this Alliance will not only contribute to the urgent need of minimizing cancer impacts in the Region but also to build a strong advocacy at the regional and international level.

Thanks to the impetus given by HRH Princess Lalla Salma as Honorary President of EMRA against cancer and as WHO goodwill Ambassador for the promotion of cancer prevention and care in EM region, EMRA will encourage cancer-related stakeholders to work together to harmonize their activities at the regional level.


puce Strategic Objectives

  • To build a network made up of experts, researchers and organizations involved in the fight against cancer;
  • To encourage the development of highly skilled human resources in the field of cancer;
  • To carry out education and public awareness programs;
  • To draw up and defend a cancer control and prevention advocacy;
  • To create a data base on cancer in collaboration with WHO;
  • To support research;
  • To initiate and support any fundraising actions leading to reach EMRA’s goals;
  • To follow up and to evaluate the Alliance activities.


puce Structure

EMRA against Cancer broad strategy is defined by the Board of Directors. It composed of 16 members at most elected for 3 years by the General Assembly.

The Board of Directors comprises an Office composed of:

  • Chairman;
  • Vice Presidents;
  • Secretary General and Assistant Secretary General;
  • Treasurer General and Assistant Treasurer General.

Besides, a Scientific Council composed of great national and international oncology-related doctors is dedicated to direct the Board of Directors on medical actions that the Alliance will undertake, as well on the technical means helping the Alliance to fulfil its goals.

Regarding the running tasks, the Board of Directors appoints a Director General who is responsible for the administrative and technical management as well as the regional coordination of the Alliance activities.


puce Elected board Of Directors

Title Name Institution Country
President Dr. Moulay Tahar Alaoui Lalla Salma Foundation for Cancer prevention and treatment Morocco
First Vice-President Dr. Ibrahim Fahad Al Sheneber Saudi Cancer Foundation Saudi Arabia
Second Vice-President Dr. Mohamed Shaalan Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt Egypt
Third Vice-President Dr. Sherif Omar Fakous Cancer Center Egypt
Secretary General Dr. Mohamed Adel Elsayes Saudi Cancer Foundation Saudi Arabia

Vice Secretary

Dr. Leila Laalou Alaoui National Oncology Institute Friends Morocco
Treasurer Ms. Fatima Chraibi Smires Association Avenir (Future Association) Morocco
Vice Treasurer Doctor Rajae Aghzadi Women’s Heart Association (Association Coeur des Femmes) Morocco
President of the Board of Directors Dr. Moulay Tahar Alaoui
General Director Dr. Rachid Bekkali
Head of the scientific Committee Dr. Abdellatif Benider